Inside my member section, you'll find hundreds of videos of me and my friends.
the Big O Length 12:22 Starring: Anna Nikova, Busty Christy Pictures: 34
My friend Anna invited me to ride the elevator to the tower of the Olympic Stadium, to have a view of Montreal. It was cool, but I was distracted by Anna's boobs, she has a nice pair, I tell you. We did some fooling around and lost control in the elevator!
Melissa Doll Length 22:08 Starring: Melissa Doll, Busty Christy Pictures: 47
That little Melissa Doll is such a horny little fox! She decided to ream me with a huge stap-on, she even slapped my ass and pulled my hair when ridding me doggy style! This girl is real tom-boy!
Christine Young, tourist guide Length 12:43 Starring: Christine Young, Busty Christy Pictures: 44
Woa, hello Christine Young! She was nice enough to show me around Montreal. I really enjoyed visiting the old part of town with her... She is such a kinky guide! And does she ever lick pussy...
Sweet Amylee : kinky with a strap-on Length 15:00 Starring: Sweet Amylee, Busty Christy Pictures: 67
I just love amylee, she's so kinky and into it! She wanted to fuck me and grab my big boobs so bad! She reamed the fuck out of me with her big, hard strap-on.
ping-pong Length 30:56 Starring: Busty Christy, Megan Diamond Pictures: 54
My friend Megan and I decided to add a little twist to the game : every point you lose, you take off a piece of clothing. Plus, the biggest loser gets a spanking... I guess the ping pong TV ratings would soar if it was played by young horny babes like us!
shower Length 15:22 Starring: Busty Christy Pictures: 43
You remember that paint job I had to do? Well I was so messy after it! I just had to take a warm shower to get all that white crust off my boobs and my body. The running water on my pussy was so nice, it made me so horny!
Mount-Royal Length 08:10 Starring: Busty Christy Pictures: 30
It was a dark day, but I still felt like going outside. I told myself, most people would stay inside and I'd be alone to play with my pussy. Wrong! The spot I chose was just underneath a batch of hikers... I'm sure they heard some nice nature sounds on their hike!
fortune cookie Length 05:26 Starring: Busty Christy Pictures: 30
I just love Chineese food, I'm always so excited when I eat chineese, especially for the fortune cookie! I can't wait to see what my fortune will be. Let me tell you the guys who write those are real pervs! The cookie told me I'd have a lot of pleasure in the bathroom!
train yard Length 10:49 Starring: Busty Christy Pictures: 37
I hate it when you get stuck with the urge to pee in the middle of nowhere! I had to stop in a trainyard to take a leak, it got me so horny I had to touch myself rigth there, by the tracks.
car ride Length 10:05 Starring: Busty Christy Pictures: 40
I was driving with a friend when he decided to get some food. I was hungry too, but for something else, I just couldn't keep my hands off myself... I really hoped my friend wouldn't catch me!

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